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Faring Well and With Great Thanks: May 20, 2018

If you were up early yesterday morning, perhaps like me, you watched the royal wedding. While there is much that can be said about the service itself: the dignity, richness and innovation, the music and liturgy;  what was very moving was to listen to the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Michael Curry, preach an eloquent poignant sermon about the gift and fabric of love as given to us by God.

Compassionate Love: April 29, 2018

I’ve spent a fair bit of the last 43 years “boxing with God” over the 18th verse of Chapter 4 in the First Letter of John that was towards the end of our second reading.

Grace to Cast Off: December 3, 2018


It’s not a word to which Episcopalians are naturally and easily drawn. I am guessing one of the reasons is when one thinks about conversion, it often has a public sense about it, a display if you will, ~ and for many of us, public displays are just that, public.